News module

News module you are able make your website like a "News magazine".


News module consist of newsarticles (newsitem). Each news article can be attached to many categories. The category structure can be assiilated to "Taxonomy". The only difference is News category has not only the title, but also the body content, images, and any other content as needed. You can then attach the news module at any page on the website. You can as wel choose which categoy you want to display to display on that page, or let the news module display in its default settings: this is a total news overview display (in a categorized way). You can, of course, repeat this as many times you need on the same page.

Being on the same page you can use as many modules, many times you need. Kazinduzi CMS enables this feature out the box.

  To see this module in action, you will soon find here a demo video news module