Kazinduzi CMSwith the idea of ​​enabling the use modules in the content management system. Therefore Kazinduzi CMS is seen as a Modular Content Management System. It enables  to extend its functionality and the scala of its usage.

With Kazinduzi CMS you can build a website or web-application for any purpose, either for a small entreprise or big entreprise. There is no-limit to develop a module within Kazinduzi CMS. Kazinduzi disposes for you the complete bootstrap of the Model View Controller framework, Kazinduzi Framework, on which Kazinduzi CMS is built, or you can choose to go your way of coding. You can then install and attach the module on any page defined within Kazinduzi CMS.

Modular tags

Modular tags is a feature built within the module. With the modular tags you will be able to display the content of the module any where on the module, in the content. Kazinduzi Modular tags are easy to use. It has a very simple syntax to use.

Here is an example of the News modular tag for "showHeadlines":

[moduletag name="news" callback="showHeadlines" pageId="*" limit="*" /]
Kazinduzi CMS Module Manager

Kazinduzi CMS is shipped with 6 modules, which you self can (un-)install.

  1. Content module
  2. News module
  3. Slider module
  4. Photoalbum module
  5. Newsletter module
  6. Visualforms module