Forcing Windows 7 to boot in safe mode

Forcing Windows 7 to boot in safe mode

Sometimes it is hard needed to have your computer booting in safe mode. But in here we are going to see how to force Windows to always boot in safe mode.

For some reason, maybe security reason, you may need to have your machine to boot in safemode. This is for some people as simple as peanut. You may say you just need to press F8 key before de Windows splash screen appears.

What is the benefit of this settings? Wait a second, imagine the scenario where you try to restore your computer to an early stage, because maybe the updates or the installation of one or another program did harm your system or did make your system functioning as excepted, or whatsoever...

Sometimes with the presence of an Antivirus on your machine, some failure may occurs, causing the restore proces not successfully fulfilled, with the annoying pop-ups telling you that an error were occur to fulfill the restore process.

In this case the windows command "bcdedit" appears to be handy.